In baseball, traditional training and coaching are key. But there is more. And the Power Yoga for Baseball system delivers it. Designed to help you improve every aspect of your game, this breakthrough package contains the easy-to-follow DVD workout, a warm-up card, a full-color poster and more. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, Power Yoga for Baseball is a home run.






After years of training baseball players at every level, Power Yoga for Baseball creator Gwen Lawrence realized that the two most neglected areas of an athlete's development were stretching and mental development. And that is where the 5,000-year-old art form of yoga came in. In this special DVD package, Gwen has crafted a special baseball-specific yoga workout that will improve virtually every aspect of your gamefast moving.

In this fast moving 35 minute DVD workout, you will follow Gwen Lawrence and a class of actual players through the program. Each Power Yoga position corresponds to movements on the field. For example, the spinal twist translates into increased throwing power while lunge twists add hip rotation for hitting. Former pro-outfielder Ted Lawrence is on hand throughout the DVD to offer coaching tips and insights.

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The Power For Yoga Baseball package also includes a full-color wall poster and a pocket sized pre-game workout card.

Combined with your regular workout, practice and game schedule, the program will improve your strength and flexibility and dramatically decrease your chance of getting injured.


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